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Dr. Nicholas Khabbaz (Senior Instructor)
Dr. Khabbaz has 'extensive' experience in architecting, designing, building and implementing global enterprise-level applications. His experience includes enterprise architecture, UML-based modeling and design, OO analysis and design, enterprise data modeling, process modeling, database design, data warehousing, application integration, and project management. His domain experience spans the capital markets, banking, credit card, treasury, energy, transportation, and high-tech industries. He taught Computer Science and Information Systems at different U.S. universities. He holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and an MBA, from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ingrid Batiste Hunt (Embarcadero and Client Relationship Management)
Ingrid Batiste Hunt brings eigthteen years of information technology and engineering consulting practice and wide industry expertise and knowledge to e-Modelers. As a Software Engineer directly out of college, she implemented standard technology practices for many government, state and local client projects. Ingrid has maintained a consistent focus on information technology and market development, as well as client and resource expansion. Her technical client and resource strategy and implementation techniques, has and will continue to be a unique character asset for e-Modelers. She currently holds international and local board positions within the Data Management and Technology sectors.

François C. Cartier (Instructor)
François Cartier has more than thirty years of diversified experience in Information Technology in a wide variety of commercial sectors, including telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, wholesale, government agencies, insurance, and financial institutions. He has designed systems marrying relational with object oriented technologies, built and contributed to corporate data models, designed operational and decision support databases under a variety of DBMSes. He has managed data analysis, system development, application support and IT change control teams. He has given classes at Golden Gate University, and made technical and management level presentations at various forums in the USA and Japan. He is a DAMA member since 1985, a treasurer for 6 years and a past president. Current vice-president of BAEMUG.

Dan Weller (Instructor)
Dan Weller has over forty years experience in IT solutions, primarily in the data area. He has worked in aerospace, finance, insurance, and transportation industries. He was also the product manager for the development and implementation of the first case tool to support DB2. Recently, Dan has managed the Data Administration team for a large international transportation company and led the development of enterprise data architecture for the company. Dan has conducted classes and consulting on the use of Embarcadero ER/Studio. He is a key developer and instructor in the e-Modeler e-Learning program. Dan was president of San Francisco DAMA for four terms and currently serves as the webmaster for the chapter.


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